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spaghetti incident

Tomato, Basil and Rock'n Roll

About us

A cozy 35-seat authentic Italian hub called Spaghetti Incident opened its doors in the Lower East Side on May 26, 2015. Their name, borrowed from the Guns N' Roses 1993 album, reflects their curious concept: to only serve long pasta that can be enjoyed not only in a dish, but also in a cone, to-go.

New York restaurant veteran Emanuele Attala, chef-owner of the West Village staples Malatesta and Malaparte, has teamed up with two creative newbies that should be on your radar, Ettore Pardossi and Giovanni Gentile, Spaghetti Incident's Sous Chef and General Manager, respectively. This duo conceived the unique idea of serving spaghetti in a cone to-go inspired by the way Italians served their street food at festivals in the 1950's, and after an exhaustive search for the perfect non-spill material, a precise product was developed so that customers could take their spaghetti to the streets of New York.

The mouth-watering menu offers nine types of long pasta dishes like fresh spaghetti or bucatini dipped in delicate yet flavorful classic sauces like carbonara, bolognese, or amatriciana, and novelty ones with unexpected ingredients like the kale pesto; 3 types of arancini in perfect Sicilian style, and salads that hint of the chef's madness, like the Naked Woman made with baby spinach, carrots, fennel, strawberries, hearts of palm, ginger, and pine nuts, served with a lemon dressing. The beverage choices are narrowed down to three types of beers and a handful of red, white and rosé wines served by the glass, ¼ L, ½ L or full liter.

With a funky 70s-inspired interior, a chef's counter overlooking the open kitchen, special menu items that change daily, and a playful way to eat on the go, Spaghetti Incident offers you an invitation you cannot refuse!